Self employment is (not) an option

July 17, 2016 By

By: James Ocalia As the shipping container with all my belongings from Holland is being unloaded, I am starting to think that it represents everything I have accomplished since 2003. My education, my carreer, marriage, house, family, memory of my friends and places I have been. All of the things I have collected during 12 years in Holland, now placed…

Organic Food/Super Food

Nick’s Microgreens

June 16, 2016 By

Microgreens, you probably know them in as the finishing touch fine dining chef’s add to your dinner plate to enhace the beauty, taste and freshness of their plate. But that’s not all microgreens are good for, these little vegetables contain 40% more nutrients per 100 grams than mature leaves and are packed with packed with antioxidants and other health-promoting nutrients. Therefore…